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Twenty-teeth … we expected when it does not exit; When we turn out, we have to rotten immediately, sometimes, and sometimes we have learned about our teeth that we call it at the time.

Experts expressing the most recently and the third few teeth with third few teeth, which is usually starting to drive between the ages of 17-25; ‘It is controversial that the teeth are left in the mouth. If it takes in the correct position and doesn’t hurt the surrounding tissues, there is no draw by this tooth in place. Fused to the jawbone; It can be decided on the shooting of a tooth that is detected with an abnormal position.

Caries: saliva, bacteria and food particles are accumulated in the nest in which the outgoing tooth opens, threatens both the twenty-teeth and next to the teeth. It is quite difficult to treat such bruises by realizing it early. Heavy tables that lead to pain with pain and resulting in abscess may occur.

Toothage disease (pericoronite): A partially exhausted twenty tooth, the focus of an infection in gingu, bacteria and food residues are stored. These cause the mouth odor, pain, edema and the mouth failure. Infection can spread cheek and neck through lymphs. The floor of this infection around the twenty tooth is easily annexed to be easily infected at a time.

Pressure pain: Pain can also be felt due to stuck if the pressure is applied to the neighboring teeth during riding. In some cases, this pressure leads to wear.

Orthodontic reasons: many teenagers see orthodontic treatment to correct the enlarities in the teeth. Since the riding pressures of the twenty-year teeth will be reflected in other teeth, there is also a mobility in other teeth, the enlargement may increase.

Reasons related to the prosthesis: The prosthesis planning is required to take into account the twenty teeth. Because, after the twenty language is pulled, it will be required to make a new prosthesis according to the changing mouth structure.

Cyst Formation: Burying a tooth cyst; The cyst causes bone destruction, jaw expansion to displacement or damage the surrounding teeth. To prevent bone destruction, the cyst should be cleaned.

– It is a sufficient reason for the infection to be corrupted in the position of the position. In such a case, pressure pain, gum problems and similar problems are suddenly and unexpected at a time.

– Theirism is found in the difficult areas to be reached with the brush and floss. Bacteria, acid and food scraps which lead to decay over time are collected in this region. If the tooth decay and repaired with the filling tooth is inflamed at short time.

– It is difficult to keep the teeth clean, the bacteria and food leftovers caused bad mouth smell.

– A teeth in a horizontal position under the huritza form a pressure that will cause the movement of other teeth, the frequency, frequency and crook.

A bad-position tooth leads to the complaint or withdrawn between 14 and 22 years of opening. The young age operations are technically easier and recovery is more quickly. Operations above 40 are more difficult. The side effects also increase with the increase in age and the recovery period is extended.

The degree of difficulty will be applied depending on the position, shape and size of the twenty tooth. After a simple shot, a slight swelling may be pain and bleeding. Some complex shots that require more specific operations can also be applied. Measures of your dentist and the advice to be found minimizes the side effects. Following this shoot, blood is accumulated in the shooting cavity and pain may also develop. The situation improves several days. Also, if the dentist’s recommendations are complied with, may not be encountered with this incident. The shooting becomes difficult for the bone structure in advanced ages and the flexibility decreases, the healing is slow.

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