3 Common Relationship Mistakes Women Make

16 Jun

A new relationship, and even one that has been progressing for some time, can be very fragile. Men tend to be very fickle when it comes to emotions and one wrong move can literally turn a man off for good. You obviously don’t want to make a crucial dating mistake mistakes women make with menwhen you’re just getting to know the man you see as a potential life partner.

Here’s a short list of common mistakes that many women make in their relationships:

Pushing him to get serious too soon. When we find a man who fits our bill of our own “personal prince charming” we start to envision the future. It’s understandable given the fact that, by nature, women are more apt to want the family, the children and the white picket fence. If you start pushing the man you’re interested in towards something more serious than he’s ready for, he’ll retreat. You have to pace yourself and the relationship if you want a fulfilling future with him.

Calling, texting or emailing him non-stop. We love talking or communicating with the man we adore. We want to hear his voice and see his words in text messages and emails. The problem is that most men are overwhelmed very easily if a woman comes on too strong. Men need their space and they don’t want to feel as though they have to be at your beckon call. As much as you want to call him several times throughout the day, resist that urge. Let him chase after you instead. That’s really what a man desires. He wants to see you as the ultimate catch, not the other way around.

Changing your schedule to accommodate him. This is a tough one because it’s something that most of us instinctively do when we fall in love. We want to be as available as we possibly can so the man we love can see us as often as he wants. The moment you give up anything for him, though, may be the moment you begin to lose his interest. Men don’t want women who are too easily caught. He wants you to be a challenge and he also wants to ensure that you have a fulfilling, and satisfying life separate from him. As romantic as the notion is that you two are each others’ be all and end all, that’s not the reality of life. Keep your own interests and don’t allow yourself to change everything just to be with him. It’s not what he wants.

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