How Do I Get Him to Commit to Me? Secret Tips to Lock Down the Man of Your Dreams Now

18 Jun

It feels like an old age question that we constantly find ourselves, asking – how do I get him to commit to me? Why are men so afraid of commitment? Does it date back to biology and how men are programmed to want to spread their seed for reproduction purposes or is that men are just that afraid of commitment, that they can’t imagine being with just one woman for their whole life? No matter what the scenario may be, it is time that we shattered this trend and changed it.


It’s time that we were able to get men to get over this perpetual fear that they have in regards to commitment and showed them that a life filled with love and stability is a life worth pursuing. If you want to lock down the man of your dreams, then you need to consider implementing some of these secret tips to get him to commit to you now.


The first thing that we have to consider, is how the male brain works. First and foremost, men love competition and things that come too easily to them, are not worthwhile. Sometimes, we have to play hard to get and sometimes, we have to play it to the next level. A great way to get him to commit is to start to become more and more unavailable to him. You want him to chase after you and you want to create this frenzy feeling inside of him. As soon as he starts to worry that he is losing you, he will want you as his and only his. This is especially true if he notices that you are getting the attention of other men. This is when he starts to feel threatened and his walls come down. If he truly loves you and wants to be with you, this is a great way to make him realize that.


Another way to get him to commit is to act uninterested. Again, if you seem like you are the only one in this for the long haul and he keeps saying things like unofficial or just dating, if you want to lock him down in a monogamous relationship, then you need to pull away a little. Talk about other men and act the same way that he does towards you. A little taste of his own medicine can really kick his butt into gear and make him realize what is in front of him and how he should commit to you.


Finally, to lock down the man of your dreams and to ensure that he wants to commit to you, you need to make him want you. Tease him in the beginning and don’t give him sex until you have your end of the bargain fulfilled. Men can be conniving, so make sure that your guards are up until you have want you want. Monogamy is important to have before you give yourself up in such a vulnerable way. Take care of yourself and think of yourself as a prized jewel – he can only have you when he deserves to.

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