The Truth About Men

What Men Desperately Want You to Know But Will Never Tell You


Men – they are about as complicated as they come and they say that we are the ones who are hard to dissect. Little do they know, bigstock-Vector-drawing-of-a-male-head--44340343that women are spending countless hours try to decipher the male brain, only to end up more and more lost than they used to be. How do you know what is going on in his mind? How can you know what you are doing right or doing wrong?

It’s time that we got a little help in this matter and that us women, bound together to figure out what men are thinking at all times. Of course, all men are different but there are some things that they all do universally that will come out of every man. Finally, you can understand what is going on in his mind and learn the truth about men.

So, what do men desperately want you to know but will never tell you? Finally, the truth is revealed:

“I’m Afraid of Commitment But Not for the Reasons You Think”

We all think that men are afraid of commitment because they don’t want to be monogamous and because they want to spread their seed but that is not the case. Men are truly afraid of commitment because of insecurities. He doesn’t know if he is going to be able to live up to the expectations that you might have for yourself in regards to what you want your husband to be like. He feels like maybe he isn’t going to be enough. He is also afraid of getting hurt in the end and if he isn’t committed to you, he doesn’t have to worry about falling in love, taking that risk and potentially getting hurt.

“I Actually Hate When You Talk to Other Guys”

A lot of men pretend that they don’t care when you hang out with other men or when you are around other guys, but deep down, he can’t stand it. He doesn’t want to seem jealous because when he does, that is how you know that he has feelings for you. Remember, he has commitment phobia due to nerves and being worried about losing you, so the more distant he seems, the faster he is falling. He will pretend that your guy friends are cool or the fact that you are seeing other people is fine, but deep down, it is killing him inside.

“I Want to Be With You But I Don’t Know How”

Every man wants to be in love and wants to be loved but some men just don’t know how to love. He wants to be romantic and he wants to be chivalrous but he doesn’t know how. Men don’t like to fail and he thinks that if he does something and it doesn’t get well received by you, then he is going to look like a fool and he doesn’t want to do that. Therefore, if he can keep himself at a distance and not put himself in a vulnerable position, then he remains okay. He wants to be happy with you and he wants to be with you, he just doesn’t want to disappoint you.

“I Can’t Help But Look at Other Girls” 

This just comes down to the male anatomy. Men are very visual creatures so if a good looking woman passes by him, he has an innate radar that is going to pick up on her and he will notice. However, it doesn’t mean that he wants to sleep  with her – he is just looking and admiring. Don’t let this get to you. It is something that he can’t control and it is probably something that will never go away.

Now, with some insight into the male brain and how it works, you can better understand the truth about men and be able to understand what he is feeling. When you do this, you can learn how to connect with him better and eventually, make him feel at ease around you to the point where he does fall hard in love. 


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